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A New Mantle

Interior & Design, Voyeurist

the new mantle

The past couple of weeks I haven’t touched a box. Once the essentials were out and everything was manageable I just kind of collapsed with exhaustion. So that means we’ve got furniture around the house that we haven’t quite found a home for, barely any paintings on the wall, let alone anything decorative around and oh yes, still loads of boxes. Hardly inspiring. Yesterday I was fed up, so played around with some of our things on the mantle in our bedroom. It probably won’t stay like that, but it’s nice for now.

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Jan’s New Elements by Paola Navone

Interior & Design, Let's Shop

Jan's New Elements by Paola Navone

Oh could I dream a little bit here? I was flipping through the ECC Milan Report and was immediately drawn to the new modular sofa, Jan’s New Elements by Paola Navone for Linteloo.

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H Y S J – The First Collection

Interior & Design, Let's Shop

There’s a little buzz going around the design and home decor blogging world. On Friday, H Y S J released its first collection of limited addition prints and they are divine!

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Armoire Pegs & Casserole turns 1

Business, Blogging World

When I hit publish on my first post twelve months ago, I really had no idea how this blog would be perceived and if anyone would read it. But you came and a lot of you continue to pop by and read my words and ideas and some of you leave lovely comments that really make my day. It’s a great place for me to be.

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A Birdy Told Me

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A birdy told me

I would like a little bird. Not a real one; I can’t bare to see birds in cages now. We had one, like a lot of families did in the eighties and it was interesting how this little budgerigar was such an integral part of the family. He spoke, well swore actually, he’d welcome our guests with “hello you silly little bastard”. It took us a while to figure out where he’d learn such language and in the end put it down to a drink delivery man who most probably put his finger in the cage and would have gotten bitten, Ben had a sharp bite, so no doubt said that to him each time he delivered.

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Moroccan Lamb Shanks

Food & Travel, Make, Eat, Drink

We had such a wet Sunday yesterday, the perfect day for some slow cooking. I had some lamb shanks in the fridge so searched the Internet for a new recipe that wouldn’t require too many new ingredients to stock up on. I came across this Moroccan lamb shank recipe on the Delicious UK site.  It was super easy to do, the most fiddly part, if you can call it that, would be mixing the spices. I’ll definitely make this yummy meal again!

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Misato Suzuki Art

Lifestyle, Culture

"strawberry fields forever"  Misato Suzuki

“strawberry fields forever” 2007

Admiring artwork on a wall is as soothing to my soul as a beautiful view. I purchased my first piece of original art with my very first pay cheque and that little abstract painting still gives me great pleasure today.

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Our Renovation, The Bathroom

Interior & Design, Voyeurist

When we renovated the bathroom of our Sydney apartment some six or seven years ago, we faced two challenges, a lack of space and a limited budget. That bathroom was teeny tiny – so tiny that it was impossible to take a photo of all of the features!

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