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The FoodWork Project

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I’m ready for a bit of eye candy on the blog aren’t you?

FoodWork is an independent project by eight Norwegian designers that was shown at the Tokyo Design Tide, 2012. To me it’s a collection of beautiful and very useful everyday objects. I love how their inspiration was of merging products that are used in Norway, yet would also be relevant in Japanese living. That alone is quite an achievement considering how worlds apart their cultures seem.

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The Art of De-Cluttering


One of the good things about moving three times in two years is that each time has been an opportunity for me to turf things. I’ve been spending the last couple of weekends sorting through all of those places that tend to accumulate stuff. You know where I’m talking about, I’m sure you’ve got some yourself; the laundry, the attic, the garage, the wardrobe and in my case, the desk that closes and is full of paperwork!

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Rachel Carley Ceramics

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Almost a year ago to the day, I was at a birthday party of one of my son’s friends and the mother, a friend of mine, served some morning tea for us adults on the prettiest lotus shaped plates. I took mental note of the designer for this blog that was about to be born.

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5 Decorating Questions with Sian MacPherson

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As promised, I’m so pleased to have Sian MacPherson, Editor-In-Chief of Est Magazine visiting us to answer my 5 Decorating Questions today.

Est Magazine has just recently turned two, and what an achievement that in such a short time, Sian and Lynda have turned this Australian digital magazine into an adored global go to resource for the latest in design, interiors and fashion. For me it’s a place to unwind and drink up the incredible interiors of the super stylish and creatives alike. Their latest issue doesn’t disappoint, it’s packed full of interior goodness, with one particular story that stood out for me; an old butter factory conversion that’s a real testament to its owners and their personal style. You really must check it out; it’s free to subscribe.

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A Personal Giveaway from me to you

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Yesterday I was clearing the attic to sell a bunch of stuff in preparation of our move and then saw my four vintage Scandinavian style chairs that I’ve never been able to part with. I love these chairs but can’t take them with me as there’s just not enough storage space, but the idea of selling them kind of breaks my heart… I need to know that they will go to a good home and be loved. So I thought perhaps one of you lovely readers might like them? ?? Yes???

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Gallivanting Finds


Do you like the sound of modern living with some old school character?

Let me introduce Kalyn. She is a New York girl with an eye for the coolest modern vintage finds for the home and she has a selection of rotating vintage stock that usually has a little turn in her home before being sold in her online etsy store, Gallivanting Girls. I actually stumbled upon her store a while back when I did a little post on affordable art and I’ve been following the store ever since. If she had a shop here in Auckland, I think I’d be visiting weekly – I really love her style.

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Make Your Month


getting a check up

With yesterday’s news of the courageous Angelina Jolie, I thought I’d step a little off topic today and talk about prevention. Perhaps I can slip it in here with my tagline ideas to live with…

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We’re moving!


moving house

I can happily say that a huge wave relief has swept through our household because we’ve finally found a lovely new home!

In the end our current place was sold on Friday and the new owner actually offered for us to live in it for a year before they moved. We were about to sign and then on that very same day, we found and were offered another house that ticked so many boxes. It’s weird how these things happen, six weeks of nothing and at the last moment we have choices.

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