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Dreaming of Brocantes & Flea Markets


I had a skype call with my mother in-law in France last night and she was showing me some of her brocante finds from the last couple of weeks and oh how it got me dreaming! It’s the springtime there so the market season is in full flight and right now I’d love nothing more than to hop on a plane and spend the next month travelling through the countryside of France visiting friends and family and scouring all of flea markets, brocantes and vide greniers along the way. I’d fill a truck or perhaps even a container and finally open that shop that I’ve been dreaming about.

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Feng Shui for a Harmonious Home Part 4

Lifestyle, Culture

feng shui for career

Hi everyone, I’m back with a little more feng shui for you and today I’ll cover the two areas of career and personal growth.

Just in case you’re wondering, the image above is of the entry to our home with lots of little enhancements to stimulate career growth, but I’ll cover that a little further down.

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+/- Magnetic Shelving System


I really appreciate good design that is practical and flexible in function.  This modular +/- Magnetic Shelving System by Haymann does just that. It folds up nice and snug (good for moving) and unfolds and flips into various shelving shapes. I checked out their Facebook page and it seems that it can also be used as a table. Pretty cool don’t you think?

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Finding a Bargain Part 2

Interior & Design, Voyeurist

Hi everyone, I’m back with Finding a Bargain. In this mini-series, I show you an area in our home and reveal the great buys we found along the way. It’s to prove that you needn’t spend a fortune to decorate, it’s about keeping an eye out at all times and being ready to purchase a deal at the time you see it, because in my experience you rarely find it when you’re looking for it! You can see part 1 here.

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Trays for Mum (or me!)


Mother’s Day is just a few weekends away and the tradition for many families, including ours, is to treat Mum (or me) to breakfast in bed. So I thought I’d make a selection of my favourite trays for your mother’s special day…

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Gorman Collaboration with Ellie Malin


I did a little clothes shopping at Gorman yesterday and spotted a very cool collaboration that the fashion label has done with Melbourne print media artist, Ellie Malin.

You’re probably wondering why I’m writing about fashion right? No, I’m not stepping into another domain here on the blog, Gorman has actually included some homewares in this collaboration. The range consists of a pack of three tea towels, a cushion and an adorable quilt. While the tea towels would look great in the kitchen they needn’t be destined for a life of drying the dishes, can’t you just imagine them in some simple frames on the wall?

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Banana & Pear Cake

Food & Travel, Make, Eat, Drink

An overripe banana is a rarity in this house, so if the occasion occurs I almost always make a banana cake or a variation of it, depending what I have on hand. Yesterday I had only one banana so I made a pear and banana cake.  It’s simple and as far as cakes are concerned, uses not too much butter and sugar.

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Our Renovation, The Living Room


This is the second part to the renovating story of our Sydney apartment. You can catch the first part of our kitchen before and after here.

It’s amazing what ripping up the carpets, polishing the floorboards and painting the walls can do isn’t it?  I’m a huge fan of classic white walls; it brightens a room and is the perfect canvas to add colour and texture with art, decorative pieces and furnishings.

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