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Happy Easter


Have a lovely long weekend everyone – ENJOY and stay safe!

Mel xox

Domestic Bliss?


Clean in style

I’ve always been notoriously bad at keeping my windows clean. I could sit down at the kitchen table to have a cup of tea and stare through the dirty smudges out into the garden and remind myself each time that they need cleaning before I’d actually do something about it weeks later. When I moved into my house, the previous tenant left a bottle of Premium Glass Polish by Murchison Hume behind. It was a while before I picked it up; it looked so luxurious sitting in my cupboard. Finally I gave it a go and somehow cleaning the window didn’t seem like such a chore, it was quite pleasurable after all. Am I a victim of marketing? Perhaps, but at least my windows are now (usually) clean.

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Finding a Bargain

Interior & Design, Voyeurist


On Friday night I was having a chat with a friend who told me that he really loves reading my blog and all of the gorgeous things showcased and then with a big sigh, said that a lot of them are so out of reach for him.

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Our Renovation, The Kitchen


Eight years ago, we bought our first apartment in Sydney. It had lino in the kitchen, blue carpet everywhere else, dirty yellow walls with grey blue trimmings. It was exactly what we were after. Underneath the carpet and lino was solid kauri timber with no knots, the ceilings ornate and high, along with loads of character of the Art Deco era throughout the apartment.

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5 Decorating Questions with Lynda Evans


Lynda Evans | Est Magazine

Est Magazine would have to be one of my favourite reads, so it’s without saying that I’m absolutely honoured to have the Creative Director, Lynda Evans visiting today to answer my 5 Decorating Questions.

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Decorate with Vintage Copper & Brass


With the copper and brass trend showing no sign of leaving us anytime soon, there are so many beautiful design pieces on offer. There are also some wonderful vintage options out there that you can add to the mix. I’m a huge fan of mixing old with new, it really throws some dynamics to the interior and today I’ve hunted down some vintage copper and brass on Etsy, that would look fabulous in almost any interior:

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A Spontaneous Night Away


My parents are staying with us this week so we’ve decided to have a spontaneous night away. No dinner to cook, sticky hands and mouths to clean and a sleep in! A real break.

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Dress the Desk


Last week we said à bientôt to Mamie Annie and Papi Georges as they returned back home to France and this week it’s my parent’s turn to visit us for the week. It’s wise to say that our little spare room has had a serious workout since Christmas!

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