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Feng Shui for a Harmonious Home Part 3

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It’s been a while since I wrote about Feng Shui, I’ve actually been spending time implementing it in my home. The funny thing is, some areas in my home already had the good symbols for the corresponding area without me knowing, yet in other areas, I had it all wrong. Interestingly, the areas that needed improving in my life, also needed a little help with the symbols and the others were working just fine! I’ll share with you soon some of the improvements I’ve made around my home. Until then, I’ll continue breaking down the map of the bagua for you.

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Monkfish a l’Armoricaine

Food & Travel, Make, Eat, Drink

Mamie Annie

Meet Mamie Annie, Guillaume’s mother from France. “Mamie” means grandma in French so “Mamie Annie” is what our kids call her.

In true French tradition, Annie is a wonderful cook, so over the coming weeks I’ll try to document some of her dishes for you because they are in one word – delicious!

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5 Decorating Questions with Megan Morton


Megan Morton

Today I’m completely honoured to have stylist, Megan Morton answer my 5 Decorating Questions.

Megan is one of Australia’s leading stylist to celebrities, magazines and even her lucky neighbours. She is known to work her magic in any space she touches and when you view her work on her website, you understand why she is so highly regarded.

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Shopping with Maisy & Grace


Maisy & Grace

Do you ever walk into a store and immediately feel the feel warmth, like you’re truly welcome there? And it’s not because you’re going to purchase something, it’s simply for a good old chat. You wander around the store and pick something up and the owner will tell you the story that goes with it. It’s lovely to visit. Maisy & Grace has achieved that, only I’ve never stepped foot into a physical store, it’s the online shop I’m talking about.

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Annie Oxborough Botanical Art


Annie Oxborough3

A couple of months ago on a visit to The Department Store, I discovered the incredible botanical creations of  floral designer and stylist, Annie Oxborough. Since then, I’ve thought about her work a lot, so it’s about time I share it with you.

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Kitchen Favourites


my kitchen favourites

I’m kind of particular with kitchen equipment and over the years I’ve collected a number of things that I really rely on. I always find it interesting to see what people really use in the kitchen, so I thought I’d share with you my “must haves”.

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Creative Workspace – Roanne Jacobson

Business, Stories


I love taking a peak into the heart of where things are created and hearing the story behind them. Recently I did just that when I paid a visit to the creative space of Roanne Jacobson, designer and director of the accessories brand, Saben.

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B&O BeoPlay A9 – that thing called L O V E



Bang & Olufsen’s BeoPlay A9 – have you seen it? I have to say that I’m completely smitten, like – wow!

I’ve always been a fan of B & O and we are lucky enough to experience it at home. Years ago, I used to visit their store on Oxford Street Paddington, Sydney and dream of one day having my home completely wired with B & O and it wasn’t just for the acoustics (which I’m no expert on – at all), but also for the design. That’s what they’ve always excelled in, but this latest one is revolutionary – I guess it’s in their blood, they are Scandinavian after all.

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