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See you next year



Hi everyone. Today I’ve got an extra big smile on my face and no, it’s not because Christmas is almost here. Today I’ve hit a little milestone in my blogging career and Armoire Pegs & Casserole is six months old!

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Bottle Your Bangles


milk bottle

Hi Everyone, Just a quick one today as I’m running around from one event to another at the moment. Most of it is school and kindergarten related though, nothing glamorous!

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Holiday House Essentials


Bach holidays

It’s that time of year in the southern hemisphere for traditional summer holidays. A lot of us spend it very simply in a beach holiday house or bach as it’s called here in New Zealand. They’re usually fairly simple houses, which is nice although they are usually lacking in a few creature comforts so I thought I’d do a little round up of what we take away with us to make us feel a little civilised or to just add to the experience.

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Anne & Peg Handcrafted Cushions


Anne & Peg

There’s nothing quite like some lovely cushions to brighten up a room and the beautiful handcrafted cushions by Anne & Peg do just that.

A very new discovery, Anne & Peg opened shop just last month and the first thing that struck me was the gorgeous styling of the cushions on the website – such a simple elegant way to showcase their designs. Then I looked in closer detail and fell for how Annemaree, the designer has played with various fabrics on the same cushion. I find her style very effective and I’d certainly be happy to have these gracing my lounge, in fact the three cushions that we have are all very different styles, shapes, texture and design which I think brings some fun and personality to the area.

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Vanilla Sugar Cookies

Food & Travel, Make, Eat, Drink

One of the things I love about Christmas are the handmade little goodies that you receive and give, it makes the thought all the more special. I have a great time baking with my children and these little vanilla sugar cookies are always fun to do. At this time of year we give them to neighbours and as tokens for my boys to take on play dates. They’re super easy and always well received.

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Vintage with Love


For the right person, a vintage gift is the perfect gift. Some of my most treasured things were personally chosen for me at a market or vintage shop. I love the idea of re-using; it makes sense for so many reasons. So if you know a vintage lover, shopping for a sweet one of a kind gift could really make their Christmas. Wrap it up with some butchers paper and string with a little handmade tag for that extra touch.

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Cultivate your Bed with Beautiful Linen


Pure linen sheets would have to be one of life’s little luxuries that I’ve been quietly obsessed with since discovering them as a guest at my mother in-law’s home in France. There’s something about feeling the texture of linen against your skin while you sleep, the fabric breathes and is cool in the hot weather and soft and inviting in the colder months.

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5 Decorating Questions with LeeAnn Yare


LeeAnn Yare in her home, styling by LeeAnn & photography by Larnie Nicolson

Today I’m so pleased to have writer and interior stylist, LeeAnn Yare visiting to answer my 5 decorating questions. LeeAnn is much loved here in New Zealand and rightly so, she’s charming and approachable and where you go to keep up to date with what’s going on here and internationally. Earlier this year she opened Collected, an interior concept store with a mixture of high end and affordable design pieces, it’s bright and beautiful and very hard to not walk away with something, even if it’s just a little thing. She has also recently begun her own interior-decorating segment Friday mornings on TVNZ’s Good Morning program.

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