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Today I’m sharing a very special restaurant in Milan, Italy.  My husband was in there a couple of months ago and it was just by chance that he ended up in the Trattoria Bagutta, which without his knowing, is a bit of an institution in Milan. Guillaume was absolutely captivated by the place and took a number of photos with his phone to show me.

I adore new restaurants and often find some of them a great source of inspiration for decorating. They can have such a free reign with their interior design, but sometimes you just can’t beat a restaurant with an ambience that’s drenched in history. The Trattoria Bagutta, named after the literary Bagutta Prize, is one such place and it’s been a well-known meeting place for artists and writers since opening in 1924.

While I’m told the dining experience is superb, it’s what they’ve done to the restaurant that struck me; it’s somewhat like a museum with artwork everyone, a lot of it painted directly on to the walls. Can’t you just imagine how it would feel to be sitting in that room, listening to the music of the Italian language around you and enjoying a good meal? I’m feeling nostalgic of my travels through Italy just writing this. Oh the passion!

The restaurant has been in the same family since it opened with proud waiters working there for their entire careers.

If you ever go to Milan, make sure you pop in to Trattoria Bagutta for a truly memorable experience.

You can also read more about the restaurant and its rich history here.

This was Guillaume’s waiter for the evening, a wonderful man who has worked there for thirty years.

Trattoria Bagutta

Via Bagutta, 14

20121 Milano


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  1. gudy Herder

    Oh, Mel, that’s great, I am going next week 4 days and hope to have time to try that place. I love blogger tips, they are so honest! And please tell your husband he is a good picture story teller!

    Reply »

    mel replied:

    Gudy that’s so cool, I could only hope that someone reading this would have the opportunity to visit. I so hope you get a chance and report back! x M

    Reply »

  2. Catherine bedsOn

    My heart has just started beating very fast!!! My husband & I adore Italy & this trattoria looks so good. For me this is it..the decor, the food – best ingredients treated simply & so beautifully presented, the waiter (the art of hospitality is a fine skill) no one does it as well as the Italians. How wonderful of your husband to take these great photos for you Mel. Thank you so much for sharing this one. If I’m in Milan I’ll be running not walking to this place! xx

    Reply »

    mel replied:

    Thanks Catherine. It’s so true for the food and how they treat it simply, just using the best produce and letting it do the work… M x

    Reply »

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