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Store it


It’s the springtime here in the southern hemisphere and with all of the beautiful weather, comes the traditional thoughts of the spring clean and easy living.

In my dreams I would have a beautifully organised house with no clutter lurking behind the closed doors, I’d have simple systems in place to easily file, store and display everything that I need for now and the future. If I lived like this I’m sure I’d gain at least an hour a day but it feels like I’ll never get there! Do you ever feel like that?

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Inspiration through Milan Kundera


I remember when I was in my late teens; I read my first novel by Milan Kundera. Like a lot of his readers, it was The Unbearable Likeness of Being. It changed my life somewhat, I’m not entirely sure what it was but it lit something inside of me and it was then that I decided that I wanted to write.  I have always loved reading, but through his words I read art and I wished that I could do the same. This particular novel is rather melancholic but as I discovered more, I appreciated his sometimes-comical study of people, their needs and raw imperfections. I find it rather beautiful and could only wish that I would be able to create characters and scenarios the way he does.

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French Influencing Style

Interior & Design, Styled Space

Living in France and having that French connection has no doubt been a major influencer to my home décor and when I browse through Pinterest, I’m always in search for something to reflect that.

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3 Ways With a Vintage Wire Basket


Have you been admiring the wire basket trend but not quite sure how to use them in your home? Today I’ve got three practical and stylish ideas.

My huge magazine collection is spread all around my house and for some time I’ve been looking for a solution to where I can store them together in an attractive way. This particular wire basket works perfectly, you can fit two piles side by side and my favourite part is that you can see the spine of the magazines, making it easily to find the one that you’re looking for.

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My Mood Board & The Stories Attached


Now for something completely different on the blog today! You may recall that I did a review for N.E.E.T. Magazine about Decor8’s Blogging Your Way course. I got so much out of it that I signed up for the Boot Camp that is taking place right now.

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Get Rocking


There’s something said for the humble rocking chair. When I was growing up, I think almost every house owned one and then suddenly they were banished, out of fashion, something you’d only find a grandmother in or perhaps a nursing mother.

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Simon Farrell-Green’s Food Heroes Book Review


If there’s one book title that resinates with me in my discovery of New Zealand, it’s Simon Farrell-Green’s “Food Heroes – Celebrating New Zealand’s Artisan Producers and Growers”.

Food wise, living in New Zealand is a lot like when I was living in France. There is an abundance of real food here and you quite often get the chance to meet the people behind it and taste the love that they put in to it.

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5 Decorating Questions with Jeanette Lunde


Welcome to a new regular feature! I like the idea of asking people whom I admire and who inspire me, five quick questions about home and decoration – simple and fun!

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