Surry Hills Market, Sydney – Part 2

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I have some more photos to share of last Saturday’s trip to the Surry Hills Market. You can see part 1 here.

I love the unexpected discoveries of flea markets, rummaging through junk to find your treasures – the only thing you need is a few dollars and a little time… I think that it’s these little finds collected over the years, that adds substance to a home.

surry hills market.. copy

surry hills market

Tanya Stubbles is an artist based down on the South Coast of NSW and has a store at the markets selling some of her inspiration for her artwork. Self described as a social landscape painter; she uses materials that explore the Australian identity. I took a look at her site and what a discovery! I was particularly interested in her bowling club numbers at the stand and found that she has done a whole series on it – absolutely stunning work. I will definitely be following this artist.

surry hills market,.

In case that you haven’t noticed, I’ve got a bit of a thing for displays (here and here)  so I was instantly drawn to the collection of vintage pool balls, they’d look great in a glass jar wouldn’t they?

I hope that you enjoyed coming along with me to the Surry Hills Market. Enjoy your day everyone and see you on Friday!

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  1. anastasia

    i love Surry Hills markets – flea markets are always fun because you just never know what you will find! i like Rozelle markets too, I try to get there often…

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  2. Gemma

    Thanks for sharing this mel. I haven’t been there for many years now but will defiantly make a point to go back there soon :)

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  3. margarita

    hello from BYW! love your blog!!

    great pictures from that flea market! I’m obsessed with things with history :)

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    mel replied:

    Thanks Margarita and so happy that you popped by! I wish I could do a flea market every weekend, always something cool to bring home:)

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