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Share the joy of food


I love a good app. When I first got my iPhone, like most people I was so excited by the new world of apps that I overloaded my phone with them. Fast forward a few years and I’m pretty selective, and only have ones that I truly use. Today I’m sharing with you my newest app crush that was created by a couple of my very clever friends, Emma & Ritu.

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Feng Shui for a harmonious home Part 1

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A couple of years ago, I read about this guy who in the space of a week or so won a couple of thousand dollars and then a house after sticking a dollar coin on his doorstep. I have to admit that within the hour, I got the super glue out and stuck a dollar on my doorstep. I think I drove my friends crazy for a while as they reached down to pick the dollar up when they entered my home. What this lucky man did was practice the ancient art of Feng Shui.

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Hang it!


I’ve got coat racks on the mind. I’ve wanted to buy one for years but have always avoided it in fear of it becoming this huge dumping place for anything and everything. I wonder if this rings true for any of you?  Well I finally did it, and purchased some Muuto Dots while in Sydney. Sadly they still haven’t gone up – I’m guessing that’s why they’re still on my mind!

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A Confession and a Challenge


The other night my husband, Guillaume and I were enjoying most probably the last beef bourguignon for the season (it’s the beginning of Springtime here). Luck had it that it turned out okay because it was literally thrown together as I juggled my thirteen month old pulling at my leg and my almost three year old having a tantrum in the other room, all the while I was keeping an eye on the time to leave and pick my five year old up from school.

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Hello Milky, Nice To See You


Yesterday I was having a little look around in the handmade section of Etsy and stumbled upon Jess from Hello Milky. Jess and I go back a couple of years; she doesn’t actually know me, but a friend of mine gave my two boys a handmade cuddly cloud by Jess about two years ago. They still cuddle them today and the clouds look adorable on their beds.

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Smallspaces – Redfern, Sydney


On my recent visit home to Sydney, I was strolling through my old neighbourhood of East Redfern and discovered a lovely little store with a name to fit, Smallspaces.

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Bringing the outdoors in…


When we moved from Sydney to Auckland, we had to give all of our plants away and I can’t believe that a year later, we still haven’t anything green inside!

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The Kettle Teapot – The Perfect Teapot?


I’m tea obsessed.  It’s a ceremony for me; I boil fresh (filtered) water, take the teapot to the kettle, pour on the boil and time the brew to 3-5 minutes, depending on the leaf. I even have my little superstitious thing of turning the pot clockwise and anti-clockwise – a stir or swill would be sufficient but I’ve been doing this for as long as I’ve been drinking leaf tea so don’t dare to stop.

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