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Vintage Jar Displays


Here is another idea for you today. While writing the story on Flotsam & Jetsam, I noticed these gorgeous displays of old jars filled with vintage pencils and faucet handles. It looks so graphic don’t you think?

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Copper & Brass Trend


I’m falling for the copper and brass trend. What about you? I have to say that I was a little hesitant at first but it was the stunning Mr Cooper pendants from Australian design company Coco Flip, that caught my attention a couple of months ago. I immediately pinned it. I love the styling for this photo too, don’t you?

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Matakana Farmers Market

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I’m feeling all refreshed after a four-day getaway with my sister and her family. We stayed in the hills of Leigh, overlooking rolling pastures and the Goat Island marine reserve. The area is absolutely breathtaking and while I was so tempted to put my feet up and soak up the views from the weekender we rented, or “Bach”, as it’s called here in New Zealand, there were too many things to do and see around the area.

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10 Things To Do Around Your House This Weekend


If your home is feeling a little tired, here are some ideas to give it, and you, a new lease of life.  Test that theory that a change is as good as a holiday…

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Vintage Signs


Vintage signs make such great decorating pieces, and the good thing is, that even though it’s a real trend at the moment, you will usually find something completely unique!

Here’s a photo of a French vintage street sign that we found at a flea market in France a few years ago. It would have to be one of my favourite pieces in the house. The translation for it is “cul de sac of the women at the door”. A very eloquent way of saying it don’t you think? So a bit of fun!

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Spotted Out and About

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When I’m out and about, I’m always on the hunt for good ideas, design and decoration – even more so now, since writing this blog. However a lot of the things I see don’t always fit into a story but I think would be a shame not to share it with you, after all, that’s what a blog is all about. So every so often, I’ll do a post with some random iPhone snaps of things that I think are great.

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Nine Table Lamps


I feel such a difference when I walk into my living room when it’s lit with just one bright ceiling light overhead, as apposed to it being well lit at various places around the room; a couple of table lamps, a floor lamp in the corner beside the couch and the ceiling lamp above on a dim.

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How about some scrabble kids?

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When my youngest son was old enough to move in to his older brother’s room, we of course needed to add his name to the bedroom door. The original name letters that we had were given to us as a gift and we couldn’t find any that matched or looked remotely good next to it. We were about to purchase some new letters entirely until I had a light bulb moment over a game of scrabble!  Just an idea…

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