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Cool Kitsch Act 3


I have one last little kitsch item to add to the mix, although this vintage Cascade Beer bottle opener is a little subtler than the previous two.

I was in my late teens and my ex-boyfriend’s family was sorting through the belongings of his great aunt, who had recently passed away. I rescued it from the charity pile and it has since opened countless beer bottles for my guests. It also keeps the memory of this woman, whom I had never actually met, alive somehow. Kind of nice isn’t it?

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Vintage Linen Sheets


100% Linen sheets. Have you tried them? If you do, I promise you won’t go back! I was introduced to them about seven years ago by my mother in-law and now thanks to her, I own quite a collection. They feel so luxurious on the skin whatever the season, but especially on hot summer nights.

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One Lovely Blog Award


It’s so rewarding to see that people read and appreciate my blog, so when I received a message from a Anu of DecorDots to let me know that she nominated me for The One Lovely Blog Award, it felt pretty great. Wow, thanks Anu!

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Cool Kitsch Act 2


Last week I confessed my soft spot for kitsch, and today I’ve got another confession….

I own a Lady Diana and Prince Charles commemorative plate. It’s true. I salvaged it from my beautiful royal enthusiast grandmother’s (lovingly called Nanna) estate. I couldn’t bare the thought of something that she would have been so proud to own, disappear, and some day become someone else’s treasure.

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Cheese, the “how to” guide (for us non French folk)

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cheese - the how to guide for us non french folk

Have you ever wondered how to serve a cheese platter? I mean, the way the French do? Okay, so my readers in France are probably rolling their eyes right now, but for a lot of us, it’s not so obvious – hey, we’re even known to serve cheese before a meal – gasp!

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Decorate with Vintage Buys for under $50


There’s nothing better than finding something unique and interesting to decorate your home, and with vintage you’ll almost certainly get that.  Mix with modern and you’ve got a sure way to add serious coolness into your decor.

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Cool Kitsch Act 1


I have a soft spot for kitsch; it was how I met my husband.  It was in a flea market at the Basilique Saint Sernin in Toulouse, France in 1998.  Mutual friends introduced us, and a bunch of us later congregated in a café to chat and showcase our purchases.

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Please Be Seated


My friend is on the hunt for some new dining chairs, and it got me thinking; if money wasn’t an object, what would my ultimate short list be? It was such a tough choice with all of the incredible designs out there but so much fun to go virtual shopping.

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