When admitting defeat can change your direction for the best

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It’s been a while since I’ve written a personal post here. Actually, this blog has really been neglected and there is a reason for that. Since arriving in Stockholm I’ve had this niggling feeling that something had to change in my life. I felt a little lost and like I didn’t have a purpose. Did I really want this blog to be a business? I had such big plans with it before and it was really starting to take off and I was beginning to make a small income from it along with external writing projects. Then I had the health problem before leaving NZ and everything just kind tumbled and my focus shifted. But after I had settled into my new city I kept beating myself up. Why couldn’t I get back to posting three times a week and start building it up again? Why couldn’t I be more aggressive on social media?  I told myself that I wanted to be the Garance Dore of the interior and lifestyle genre…. I told myself a lot of things, but in retrospect I felt so unaligned with it all. I felt like I wasn’t living my truth. I had lost my passion.

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Monthly Styled Picks

Stora Trenddagen’s 5 Big Interior Trends to look out for in 2018

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Hi everyone! Yesterday I attended a trend presentation, Stora Trenddagen, (Big Trend Day) here in Stockholm by Stefan Nilsson.  This guy is known as the expert in trend forecasting here in Sweden, and goes by the name, Trend Stefan. I actually spent time with him during the blog tour of the Dutch Design Week last year and he’s such a great guy, so I was eager to check it out. There was one minor hitch that I faced, and that was that the presentation would be in Swedish and mine is almost, well,  non-existent. I did however surprise myself by how much I understood, which I put down to Stefan being such an entertaining presenter! But don’t worry, I’m not going to lead you down the wrong track as far as this year’s trends go, I came home armed with a trend-forecasting booklet as backup!

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Christmas Wishes from Stockholm

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Hello everyone.  Just two and a half days until the big day and I had to pop in here to wish you all a Happy Christmas. The season is just so beautiful here in Stockholm, I have never quite felt Christmas in all of its glory like it is done here. You can’t help but get drawn in to all of the celebrations and rich traditions. Would you like for me to give you a little rundown of what goes on?

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New York Christmas, Recipes & Stories Review + 2 Free Recipes

Food & Travel, Make, Eat, Drink

I first experienced my American Christmas when I was fifteen years old. Coming from Australia, where we celebrate with barbeques on the beach, it was like something out of this world. There was a particular fragrance that circled around the festive tunes that played in the shopping malls. Decorations weren’t spared and people literally walked the streets with beautifully wrapped boxes piled on top of the other to put under the tree, just like in the movies. We were there visiting my step-mother’s family, so we spent a lot of our time celebrating in their homes and sampling all of the seasonal specialties. And then there was the snow! Flipping through the recently released cookbook, New York Christmas by Lisa Nieschlag and Lars Wentrup, took me back to that magical Christmas I spent as a fifteen year old. Let me tell you a little bit about it, along with sharing a couple of the Christmas recipes from the book.

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Dutch Design Week 2017 Day 2: House Tour, The Young Collectors

Interior & Design, Voyeurist

Just before leaving Eindhoven on our final day of Dutch Design Week, we visited the open home, “The Young Collectors”. The renovated nineteen thirties home was curated by designers, Ruben and Iris of Studio Thier and van Daalen. The initial reason for organising the exhibition, was to show their recently studio-designed and installed kitchen. They then had the idea to expand on this by showcasing some more of their home furniture, lighting and accessory designs, along with that of some of their favourite designers.

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Dutch Design Week 2017 | Day 1 Favourites

Interior & Design, Makers

You may have seen on my Instagram, that I was part of a group of bloggers #BlogTeamDDW organised by Holly and Desiree, covering the Dutch Design Week over the weekend. It was so great to catch up again with friends, some of those I hadn’t even met in person, yet I’ve known for years. I also got to meet some lovely new faces. I love this online blog world for that, it is the perfect tool to bring people together with the same interests. With that in mind, we were bound to have fun together exploring our love! That we did, with two full days exploring the Dutch design scene and a very special evening at the launch of the new NLXL wallpaper, Timber Strips by Piet Hein Eek. Piet’s friend, the one and only, Paola Navone cooked for us (!!) and Rossana Orlandi was also a guest. But more of that, and day two, coming up in a later post.

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FORMEX AW17 | Stelton, The Stockholm Collection

Interior & Design, Let's Shop, Scandinavian Design

I have a huge admiration for the Danish design company, Stelton, so I was quite curious to see what new product releases they would have at the AW17 FORMEX. Without a doubt, the hero story was around the STOCKHOLM  collection.

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