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Urban Jungle Bloggers | Plants & Flowers

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urban jungle bloggers, plants & flowers

I always enjoy joining in on Urban Jungle Bloggers but I have to say, the October theme of Plants and Flowers was kind of irresistible. I’m sure that a lot of you will agree with me and this will be the biggest one yet. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

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Monthly Styled Picks

Pompallier Mission, Russell

Food & Travel, Getaway

I love stepping back in time don’t you? I particularly appreciate seeing the practices of artisans of the time passed, so I was fascinated by my visit to the Pompallier Mission Printer in Russell, during my holiday in The Bay of Islands earlier in the year.

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internet free sundays revisited

Internet Free Sundays Revisited

Lifestyle, Wellness

internet free sundays revisited

Some of you may recall a commitment that I made about eighteen months ago about having internet free Sundays. I did it for a while and then, well I slipped back into the smart phone oblivion of checking social media, emails and googling. A few weeks ago I subconsciously put the phone away for most of the day on Sundays, having a little sneaky peek every so often, but generally it was out of sight. I was obviously missing that break. Then last weekend, Guillaume suggested that we should make an internet free Sunday commitment together. He didn’t join me previously so I didn’t hesitate to say hell YES! I felt I needed it again, I felt we needed it as a family and our kids needed to see their parents without that iPhone in hand for a good chunk of time.

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Version 2

Styled Canvas October Challenge | Unconventional Shelf

Interior & Design, Styled Space

September just flew by, it feels like only a couple of weeks ago that I styled my moodboard! Now we’re on to the October Styled Canvas Challenge, with the new theme “Unconventional Shelf”. After losing the mantle when we moved house, I feel like I’m seriously lacking in display shelf space. So I thought that the Styled Canvas Challenge would be a perfect opportunity to get creative. Instead of going out and purchasing a shelf, I thought it would be fun to create one with something I already have in the home. I ended up using one of the benches to the German beer table that was once our outdoor table. You may have seen that I now use the table as my desk so the benches have been sitting outside with no use, until now.

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15 Ways to Make a Rental Feel Like Home

Interior & Design, Styled Space


I’m often asked for ways to help make a rental feel like a home. The biggest piece of advice I can give is to decorate it, as if it were. Everyone’s situation is different. Perhaps you feel like you’ve missed the boat in purchasing your own home. I know so many people like this in Sydney and Auckland where the cost of owning your own home is quite literally insane and unless you purchased a while ago or you earn a really good income, home ownership feels out of reach. Perhaps you’re starting out in the world, or like me you’ve been thrown back into the rental game after moving to a different city as an expat.

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Furniture by Decade | 1960’s

Interior & Design, Let's Shop

PK91Carrying on with my furniture by decade series, I’m looking at my favourites from the 1960’s. There was actually quite a lot from this decade that I would have liked to have added, think the Mushroom chair, The EJ 605 Corona and the CH07 to name a few. However, if I must choose, here they are…

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kiwi bach

Planning our Escape

Food & Travel, Getaway

kiwi bach

School holidays begin this weekend and I’ve been madly working ahead of time so that I can maximise my time with the kids during the next two weeks. We’re not going anywhere these holidays, we’ll just hang out in our pyjamas a little longer in the mornings, go to the cinema and fun stuff like that.

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  • The October #urbanjunglebloggers theme of Plants & Flowers is now live on the blog. Dreaming of owning a garden wares store now. Link in profile or www.styledcanvas.com 🌿🌸
  • I wouldn't mind being a guest at Ali @alitessuti when she has a gorgeous guest bedroom like this (with a private terrace!!). If you missed it, make sure you check the full home tour on www.styledcanvas.com. That woman has such great style 💫
  • A detail from the October #styledcanvaschallenge - will you join me? Details at www.styledcanvas.com. Have a great day everyone, I'm off to the cinema with my two boys.
  • I did a little blog post on the historic Pompallier Mission Tannery & Printers in Russell. A step back in time and the beauty of artisans of the 1800's. Link in profile of www.styledcanvas.com #itsamoodywednesday @stilzitat @jocelynhefner
  • I've been playing with two of my favourite things today for #urbanjunglebloggers - plants & flowers 🌿🌸 Posting on Friday 🌸🌿
  • I don't know about you but I've been feeling a little bit of internet, social media and general computer screen overload lately! Some of you may recall about 18 months ago I touched on having Internet Free Sundays. The past couple of weeks I adopted this practice again and it feels great. One day off from the noise revives and thrives creativity. Pop over to the blog to read about it. Perhaps you'd like to join me? I'm also sharing a couple of photos of my new home. Direct link in profile or www.styledcanvas.com  #internetfreesundays
  • Happy new week! I'm a bit behind the eight ball today and I'm sporting a black eye! Yep, my daughter has a hard head 😩
  • My first post for October, so that means a new #styledcanvaschallenge ! This month's theme is,
  • I've been busy this afternoon working on the October #styledcanvaschallenge. The theme will be announced tomorrow. Happy Thursday everyone 😘🌿
  • I've been asked the question many times so I finally did a blog post on it: 15 ways to make a rental feel like home. Link in profile or www.styledcanvas.com
  • Such amazing weather in Auckland today and perfect day for a trip to the zoo. Day 2 of school holidays and I'm already exhausted... How lucky am I to receive these beautiful proteas from a friend! #aquietstyle @aquietstyle
  • You have until the end of Wednesday to join in on the September #styledcanvaschallenge and create a moodboard on Instagram and/or on your blog. Will you join me? Make sure you tag me and include the hashtag. The link to the post is in my profile or look for Sept 2 post at www.styledcanvas.com
  • So here it is, it's true. Shortlisted as @amaraibas best international interiors blog. Still can't believe it! Going through the shortlisted in all the categories, there are some great blogs to discover. I hope I can fly all the way from NZ to London to celebrate with you all. Thanks again to everyone who voted for me ☺️ #IBA15
  • Following on with my furniture by decade series. I'm looking at the uber cool sixties era. I had to include the #Componibili that you see here in my home. Such a versatile piece. See my favourites from this era on the blog. Link in profile or www.styledcanvas.com
  • THANK YOU  to everyone who voted for me in the Amara Interior Blog Awards #IBA15. I'm so happy to say that I made it to the shortlist of best International Interior Blog category with four others. Because of your votes, I got this far and I'm appreciative beyond words.  I'm also so happy to see a few of my good blog friends have made the shortlist in other categories. Judging day is 1 October and the winners will be announced Wednesday 28 October at the Awards Ceremony in London. The best of luck to everyone shortlisted!
  • Planning our summer holiday escape on the blog. What do you think; a kiwi camper van adventure around the South Island or a relaxing Fiji holiday? I've got 3 kids 4,6 and 8. Link in profile or www.styledcanvas.com
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