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Win a Toodles Noodles Organisation Pack

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Win a Toodles Noodles organisation pack.

I’ve had this giveaway in the books for a while now. I was planning on shooting all of the images when I returned from Sydney and, we all know what happened then – I moved five days after arriving back. So, the lovely Liora who is bringing you the opportunity to win a Toodles Noodles Organisation Pack has been so patient! In the end I think it’s meant to be because it probably pushed me to get my workspace finished so that I can show you how I use this product in my everyday life. Keep reading to see how you (worldwide) can enter…

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Diary of a Little Bird Organics winter cleanse

Diary of a Little Bird Organics winter cleanse

Lifestyle, Wellness

Diary of a Little Bird Organics winter cleanse

I’m not a winter person. I just feel… blah! I need the sunshine and light clothing on my skin. I also go from a bright healthy completion to dull. It’s not necessarily from a suntan, but probably from eating light fresh foods, drinking more water, getting out and about more and just feeling overall more vibrant. I really felt like I needed to give my body a kickstart and my friend Zoe recommended the Little Bird Organics winter cleanse to me. Guillaume was going away for five days last week so I thought I’d give it a go then, so that he didn’t have to put up with my crabbiness. I ordered the three-day pack. I thought I’d share my experience with you.

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Featured Elsewhere & Win!

Featured Elsewhere & Win!

Interior & Design, Voyeurist

Featured Elsewhere & Win!

I hope you had a great weekend. We had the most amazing weather both days and unseasonably warm for this time of year. We managed to pry ourselves away from the sunshine and squeeze some time in to add some more touches to our home. We’re at the difficult stage of the odds and ends that we just don’t know what to do with and areas that need something that we don’t own! Overall it’s coming together nicely and it would have to my favourite place to date. The house is an L shape and the two living areas (or one living area and one playroom) over look the sunny garden.

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the guilt of moving.

The Guilt Of Moving

Lifestyle, Thoughts

The guilt of moving

“Mummy how long are we going to stay here?” That’s what my youngest, who just turned four asked me the other day when she was helping me prepare dinner. I asked her what she meant by that and I figured out that she thought we were staying in a holiday home.

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Styled Canvas Shop

Interior & Design, Let's Shop


When I relaunched this blog, part of the plan was to have a shop on the site. This would be a place for me to curate my most loved items from my store, along with future collaborations and ebooks that can be browsed without leaving the site. I’m please to announce that the Styled Canvas Shop is now open!

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The Bay of Islands Northland New Zealand

Russell The Bay of Islands

Food & Travel, Getaway

Russell The Bay of Islands sunset moon

I know that I only just got back from Australia, but I need a holiday already! Perhaps it’s the move, perhaps it’s the wet winter weather or all of the sunny holiday images from the northern hemisphere spamming my Instagram feed right now, but I’m dreaming of an escape. It’s an impossible dream, so instead I’m going to revisit my little getaway in Russell, The Bay of Islands from a few months ago.

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Six Stylish Space Saving Ideas for Small Interiors

Interior & Design, Let's Shop


There’s a lot of talk about small living at the moment and it’s a very valid argument in terms of the environmental footprint that we leave. Living in a small home or apartment can be constrictive, so it’s really important to be clever with what you have and use the space well. Ideally things can be multi-purposed, fold away and designed a little outside of the square. Unless it’s a house catering for a family, most people would have similar needs and because you don’t have the space, doesn’t mean that you have to lack in style. I’ve come up with six stylish space saving ideas for small interiors.

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  • You'll find this 'one day at a time' notepad in the @tootsnoots stationery organisation 4 pack giveaway. Plus a peek of my new workspace and kitchen. Click the link in bio to enter or ✔️ Entries open worldwide!
  • A little corner of my home. Happy weekend everyone 🌿😘
  • *WIN* I just posted a pretty awesome giveaway on the blog! The gorgeous stationery brand @tootsnoots and I have teamed up to give one lucky person anywhere in the world the chance to win the organisation pack of all organisational packs! I swear by these tools and have since stocked them in my Styled Canvas @hellogreatly store. Go to to see the options of how you can win. Oh and while you're here, you can gain an entry by following @tootsnoots (comment on the blogpost what you do so I enter you). Great for bloggers, businesses and households. See how I use it around my new home.
  • Hope you're all having a great Thursday 🌿 We're about to get takeout and watch a movie together. Lots of cuddles for me in the next couple of hours, that and not cooking 😊 #flowerlovers #flowerstagram
  • Working on something 🌿
  • I just published my diary of a @littlebirdorganics winter wellness cleanse on the blog 🌿💪🏼
  • We picked some flowers on the way home from school yesterday, the type that close as soon as they're picked, so we made our own. #aquietstyle @aquietstyle #wreathofthemonth @stilzitat
  • Love this theme going in the back room of @littleandfriday #urbanjunglebloggers 🌿
  • A lovely breakfast with Ro @sabenltd yesterday at the Ponsonby @littleandfriday. This coconut, cardamom and vanilla porridge with poached pear, pomegranate and pistachio was insanely good 🌿
  • Is a home where a family is together and where we gather our special things, or is it more? Is it a space of memories? I'm suffering a little of mother's guilt about moving house so often on the blog today
  • Feeling pretty fab and proud of myself after completing the @littlebirdorganics 3 day winter wellness cleanse 💪🏼 #littlebirdorg
  • Hello budding Insta and blog stylists! Don't forget to join the July/Aug #styledcanvaschallenge (extended due to moving house) and tag me @styledcanvas | How do you use vintage in the modern world? Here is one way we use it in our home. This French armoire is lined with modern fabric and is our linen press. You can do a styling blog post like me or just here on Instagram. And yay, the favourites will be published on the blog and here. Read about it on I hope you join in. #vintagetoday
  • #itsamoodywednesday for the lovely girls @stilzitat @jocelynhefner
  • Something that I've planned to do since relaunching the blog is have a shop on my site. It's a place to curate my most loved items from my store that can be browsed without leaving the site. It's also a place where I will sell my future ebooks (currently in the making) and exciting unknown collaborations. I’m please to announce that the Styled Canvas Shop is now open! This gorgeous pitcher by @annawesterlundceramics is one of the many beautiful handmade products available in store. I hope you come visit
  • Just started the @littlebirdorganics winter wellness cleanse. Feeling a little nervous and happy 🌸 #littlebirdorg
  • Our little Bay of Islands getaway is now on the blog. Such a beautiful part of the world 🐬🐳
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