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A Family Christmas Tradition

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Last year we started something that we decided to embrace as a family Christmas tradition and I thought that perhaps some of you might be inspired to do something similar.

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Farrow & Ball Challenge - British Countryside,

Farrow & Ball Challenge – British Countryside

Interior & Design, Styled Space

Farrow & Ball Challenge - British Countryside

I had a lot of fun this weekend styling a scene for a Farrow & Ball challenge to celebrate the launch of their new 2015 wallpaper collection, inspired by the British Country. The theme for the challenge was to create a vignette to represent this.

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work with me - styled canvas

Styled Canvas Services

Business, Business Toolbox

work with me - styled canvas

I’m really excited about next year. Now that I’m getting a little more time on my hands with the children and school and my youngest at kindy an extra day, I’ve decided to branch out and take on more work. Am I crazy? Nope, I truly love what I do and quite frankly, it energises me, I feel very lucky.

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merry kissmas jo malone

Jo Malone Happy Kissmas

Interior & Design, Let's Shop

Merry Kissmas Jo Malone

If Don Draper were to attend a Christmas party today, it certainly would be one thrown by Jo Malone London. Last week I attended Happy Kissmas, the viewing of their Christmas collection, and the campaign is all about celebrating with a party. When I saw it I thought, “I want to go to that party!” Imagine…

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mulberry home,.,

Mulberry Home

Interior & Design, Styled Space

mulberry home,.,

One of the headline partners of the AMARA Interior Blog awards that I had the pleasure of meeting is GP & J Baker, a company with a longstanding history and known to be one of the worlds innovators of fabric design. They have also been the holder of the Royal Warrant since 1982. If like me and you adore beautiful and timeless fabrics, you could get absolutely lost in their site.

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Paris je t'aime

Paris je t’aime

Lifestyle, Thoughts

Paris je t'aime

How could I write anything else today, other than how my heart is so full of sadness?

Saturday morning began in New Zealand. We were so happy and full of joy as we celebrated my son’s 6th birthday. He woke up to a room of balloons, opened his presents and then we had our traditional birthday breakfast.

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City works depot food truck garage

City Works Depot

Food & Travel, Cafes & Restaurants

City works depot food truck garage

There are a number of really cool precincts around Auckland these days. One of them is City Works Depot, home to an array of eateries, retail space and creative businesses. Many of these businesses have their workspaces overlapping and open to the eyes of the world. It’s a collective of space that I haven’t seen before and when you’re there, you can’t help but soak up the creative vibes and friendly folk.

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  • Finally going through Noam's birthday photos from a couple of weeks ago. Here's our little breakfast table ☺️ Happy weekend everyone!
  • Here are my sweet little people beginning our family Christmas tradition for the year. Pop over to the blog to read about how we bring a little more meaning to the season. Direct link in profile or www.styledcanvas.com
  • Desk details. Hope you're all having a great hump day, and yes I have a thing for lamps! 😜
  • I'm taking part in the @farrowandball bloggers styling challenge with their new wallpaper collection celebrating the English countryside. Pop over to the blog for the full outcome and see me in action pulling it together. I chose the utterly beautiful Feather Grass in dark to achieve the look. Link in profile or www.stylyedcanvas.com
  • This time next week I'll be back sailing around here. Can't wait! #bayofislands
  • Love this lady that Guillaume's mum made years ago sitting beside a sweet bud vase by @keiko_matsui_ceramics - one of my favourite potters. Happy Tuesday everyone!
  • Feeling really great because I made the decision to branch out and offer my services as of early next year! My aim is to bring value to businesses of any size or location in the area of either writing, styling and photos or all three! I'm taking pre-bookings now. The range is broad and you'll find more details on the blog. Link in profile or www.styledcanvas.com.
  • IMAGINE... Last night we were playing Imagine by John Lennon for the kids. It was incredible how powerful this song was for them. Silence and then Lou got up to dance.  How so very appropriate this song is right now. Wishing everyone a lovely week and peace to all ✌🏼️
  • It's been a dark and wet Saturday in Auckland today, perfect day to get all cosy and burn my new pine and eucalyptus @jomalonelondon candle from their Christmas collection. It works beautifully coupled with the Blackberry & Bay. Did you catch yesterday's post of their Christmas campaign? It's amazing and so so glamorous! The photos from it are a must see - think 'Jo Malone meets Don Draper' and are on the blog now. Link in profile or www.styledcanvas.com #happykissmas
  • Seriously these guys are so lovely. Yesterday I exchanged an email with Tracey from @littlebirdorganics and I mentioned that a head cold arrived the night before I started their 3 day cleanse. Look what arrived this morning, a flu tonic and a  pack of their macaroons. Seriously, it's you guys that are awesome. Thank you! #littlebirdorg
  • #itsamoodywednesday for two lovely ladies @stilzitat @jocelynhefner. The truth is that I'm hanging out for my first cup of tea with milk on Friday once this 3 day detox is over! It's my thing you know 😉
  • Here I go again! Next three days #littlebirdorg @littlebirdorganics #cleangreencleanse
  • #flowersforparis #parisjetaime just a few words on the blog today.
  • #parisjetaime 💔
  • Birthday breakfast for my beautiful Noam who turns 6 today 🎈
  • Hello and happy Friday! Come on a tour of the so so cool @cityworksdepot precinct with me. Link in my profile or www.styledcanvas.com #cityworksdepot
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